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The Kingdom of Byavou
The campaign starts in the Kingdom of Byavou (all credit for the map from The current king, Wendal Brighton, rules from the capitol city Brightmoor located north of the Forest of Tales at the mouth of the western fork of the Omi River (see the Byavou Continent Map). The Kingdom is divided into territories ruled by various nobility, most notably the king’s younger brother Duke Mayhew who rules the Duchy of Ituaya. The Baronies of Waerril and Maenik are held by the Baron Fallon and Baron Gareth, former advisors and stewards of the king who were awarded their lands for their loyal service during his ascension to the throne. Wendal inherited the throne from his father, Wilfred, ten years prior after an unfortunate shipwreck in The Weeping Sea. This is your typical Greyhawk setting with a mix of all races, classes, and religious affiliations. Similar to England in the early part of the late medieval period (early 1300’s)

The Kingdom of Straevek
To the north of the Byavou is the Kingdom of Straevek, both a country and a range of Mountains rules by the Dwarf King Groen Shatterhelm. Leadership within the kingdom is divided into various clans with clan leaders (Jarls) ruling over the subterranean mines and passages. Relations between Byavou and Straevek are relatively peaceful, though an on-going point of contention exists over the tolls charged for passage through the mountain range. Passage exists toll-free along the shore to the east of the mountains, but the path is only intermittently maintained by the dwarves except to quell the occasional goblin tribe or band of thieves who prey upon merchants and travelers.

The Kauvan Theocracy
Farther still to the north lies the Kuavan, a theocracy dedicated to Pholtus, and ruled by the Grand High Priest Lander Van Meter. Budding diplomatic communication is forming after a protracted and unpopular political and religious war King Wendal’s father waged against Kuavan. Kuavan shares a border with The Southern Alliance, essentially a loose affiliation of mystical and mythical outcasts displaced and kept in check by Kuavan’s war clerics.

Lands Beyond
To the east lies the expansive Elven domains of Morfehr and Kallisan. In the Ocean of Stone lie the Gajuin Islands, ruled predominantly by Shou humans who keep to themselves and have no formal relations with the Kingdom of Byavou. And finally, to the far south, not pictured, are (from west to east) the expansive desert Kingdom of Sarth, the plains of Arivan, the marshes of Arajim, the fabled, mystical, magical, and uncharted land of Venosari.

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