Heldren Lawton

A tax collector and a mystery - what are his intentions?


Although he appears to be a rather average man and a tax collector for the Kingdom of Byavou, the party has begun to doubt his intentions. Though he started the journey with a nice pot belly, Rasul notices that the distribution of his fat shifted and he’s now more evenly distributed. Upon further inspection, Yisan very clumsily confirmed that Heldren is indeed hiding something under his tunic, though what it actually is has yet to be determined.

It appears he intends no ill will towards the party, but he remains evasive when questioned.

Do the pale face and soft pudgy hands hide something more sinister, or he is just misunderstood?

Heldren has revealed he is no tax collector. He is a spy/investigator seeking a group called “The Compass and The Rose” who he claims murdered King Wilfred ten years ago in the Weeping Sea. He appears to be telling the truth, but what’s that evil talisman doing in the backpack he gave to the party?



Heldren Lawton

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