The Compass and the Rose

The Party Arrives at Behmuen

The party arrived at dusk after a long and unusual journey. Heldren, obviously annoyed at the party’s prying, especially Tiggi’s thinly veiled attempts at prestidigitation, secured their rooms and went upstairs with barely a word. Left to their own devices, the party quickly started working the lively crowd at “The Inn of the Red Herring” for information. Meanwhile, Rasul and Clevinger posted up outside to keep an eye out for any unusual activity from Heldren or others.

The party heard many rumors, everything from a dragon living in the mountains and strange lights glowing in the pass to accusations that the mayor is corrupt and a thief. No locals mentioned bandits, but one did say that three of his sheep were missing, replaced by a large ruby exceeding their value.

Meanwhile, Tiggi continued her campaign to annoy Heldren into submission by sending her cat Pips to paw and meow at his door. Although Heldren let her in, he quickly became annoyed when she wouldn’t leave. Eventually he kicked the poor animal out of the door dealing her a significant amount of damage.

As the evening ended, a drunk townsman began a scuffle at the bar. He was quickly quelled by the proprietor’s son and taken outside. Clevinger intercepted the two men and escorted the drunk to the cells at town hall. The man, Lucius Naff, claims to have seen a dragon in the mountains himself while hunting several weeks ago. He described a gargantuan reptilian creature with great wings that picked up a deer in its claws before flying away. Before Clevinger could gain further information, Lucius passed out.



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