The kingdom of Byavou has enjoyed prosperity and plenty for the past decade under the rule of Wendal Brightmoor. The young king inherited the throne from his father after an unfortunate tragedy at sea, and with the aid of his advisers, brought an end to a long and unpopular war, invested in agricultural advancements, and promoted the growth of urban communities for trade and sharing of knowledge.

However, all is not perfect in the kingdom. Rapid growth has strained the kingdom’s resources, and by order of the King and in the general interest of keeping the peace, a limited number of citizens have been granted privilege to establish private constabulary and law enforcement guilds. You are members of one such group, Hawkwood’s Routiers, in the employee of John Hawkwood, himself a well-known and landed soldier.

The opportunity for adventure, exploration, and wealth is knocking at your door.

The Compass and the Rose

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