The Compass and the Rose

The Road to Behmuen

The adventure begins! John Hawkwood has placed his faith in you to help expand his business and fortunes. The party set out from the capitol Brightmoor with the affable but somewhat shifty tax collector Heldren Lawton. Their mission: to aid Heldren in his investigation into the drop in taxes from the town of Behmuen and to enforce the King’s law (and all that implies) to ensure the revenue is returned safely with Heldren.

Along the way, the party stopped at the Dusty Roads Inn and encountered the sour and verbally abusive farmer Henrich. Suspicious of how he treats the barmaid, Marie, Yisan told a tale of a farmer’s folly and his fall due to his rough treatment of others. With the aid of Iltharr and Tiggi who added visual and auditory effects, Yisan’s story appeared to touch the farmer. That night, he returned home and the party discovered that his wife was sick in bed. The next morning, Iltharr returned with Yisan and cured her of Polio by Laying Hands on her. Though she may never walk again, the disease will no longer claim her life. It appears that Henrich has had a change of heart, but the party will need to check in on him and make sure it sticks.

Two nights later, the party decided to camp on the road instead of making way to the town of Crystal Shores. Early in the night, a dire wolf and a pack of four wolves attempted to sneak up and attack the party. Rasul’s spotted the wolves with his sharp eyes and he lay in wait using his preternatural hiding abilities. Rasul alerted the party and surprised the wolves with a cunning strike of his spear. Clevinger charged into the fray while the rest of the party stayed with the wagon and attacked with spells and ranged weapons. The party worked together using their martial and magical prowess to make short work of the wolves. Upon further inspection, Rasul discovered a mysterious fungus infecting the wolves, and the party burned them as a precaution.

The next day, the party encountered a toll keeper guarding the bridge over the Byrg river on the road to Behmuen. Rasul noticed several strange mushrooms growing by the river and took a sample for Tiggi to examine. Iltharr noticed the man looked unwell, with pale skin and frequent itching. Upon examination he found that the man was diseased and quickly laid hands on him to cure it. The party sent the sample of the mushroom and a note to the druid at Crystal Shores to inform him of the potential danger. The man also told the party about a group of mercenaries who were heading up-river to the town of Mont du Plat at the river’s mouth, approximately two days north.

The same day, Rasul noticed Heldren’s change of appearance – his body shape had moved from a nice pot belly to a more equally rotund pear shape. He quietly alerted the party, and at lunch Yisan “tripped” into Heldren to assess what might be under his tunic – although it only appeared to be soft padding of some kind, it was certainly not fat. Using his fey presence, Yisan charmed Heldren who revealed that he is hiding something, but that he has no intention of harming the party and that he isn’t hiding anything bad under his tunic. The party kept a close eye on him for the remainder of the trip to Behmuen.



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